Dual Carbon Practice and
Co-creation of Sustainable Cities

In 2021, Longfor officially established a dual carbon team, focusing on low-carbon, green, and health. The Group combines sustainability with the entire life cycle of buildings, running through the five stages of project selection, product design, project construction, project operation, and project update, thereby helping improve the environmental performance of Longfor, and strive to achieve scientific "carbon peak" for all projects throughout the entire life cycle, until the mid- or long-term goal of "carbon neutrality" is achieved.

Sutainability Goal
    • 100%

      Since 2021, all new projects must reach the national green building star rating standard

    • 15%

      By 2030, the carbon emission intensity per unit area of the Group will be reduced by 15% compared to 2020

The Environmental Performance
    • 100%

      In 2023, all new projects of the Group reach the national green building star rating standard

    • over 130 mn sqm

      As of the end of 2023, the Group's accumulated area for projects that meet national green building standards

    • 41%

      In 2023, the percentage of hot water generated by air-source heat pump in new projects applying air-source heat pump technology

    • 27%

      In 2023, the percentage of hot water generated by solar energy in new projects applying solar water heating technology

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  • 澳门内部绝密传真
  • 澳门内部绝密传真
Low-carbon green development
Low-carbon green operation
Urban renewal

Longfor Group focuses on low-carbon, green, as well as health, and combines sustainability with the entire life cycle of buildings. With the goal of green construction and 100% green building, the Group will continue to explore ultra-low energy consumption design, low emission buildings, intelligent operation and maintenance, build healthy communities, realize the vision of low-carbon, green and healthy development, and commit to becoming a leading space building service enterprise in the industry.

Longfor Group has developed its own IBMS equipment remote monitoring platform by using the technology alliance closely combining the Internet of Things(IoT)+Internet +platform to achieve full coverage of important equipment in the community and constantly optimize energy consumption operation efficiency.
On the other hand, relying on big data for decision-making and design services, Longfor Group continuously optimizing management models, and providing owners with low-carbon and convenient comprehensive services such as smart front desk online self-service business and green update and transformation.

Longfor Group enhances the urban and industrial atmosphere of the entire region through the transformation and upgrading of inefficient existing urban spaces, changing spatial functions, introducing high-quality industries, and implanting rich content scenes, and promoting organic urban renewal in a more sustainable manner.
This model has been verified in various cities, such as Longfor Blue Engine Industrial Park in Beijing, Shanghai Longfor Blue Engine Freshwater Riverside Science and Technology Innovation Park adjacent to Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Longfor Hangzhou Binjiang Blue Engine upgraded into a science and innovation incubator.